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Efoil in RAs Al Khaimah


What it would feel like to surf without waves or wind? The E-foil has arrived! Try Now in Marjan Island Ras Al Khaimah with Adventure Sports.

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to surf or windsurf without waves or wind? The E-foil (hydrofoil-finned motorized boards that allow you to fly over the water.) has arrived! 

Whereas most watersports require either wind or waves, an E-foil board offers a similar experience to surfing (but above the water). E-foiling is one of the most enjoyable water sports, and it’s also a great way to improve your balance and coordination.

E-Foil is our best boards for beginners in the sport and e-foil schools . Its large volume of 170l ensures enough buoyancy for riders of up to 160kg to float comfortably when stationary without submerging the board. This allows for early planning and pop up and takes the stress off of learners, knowing they can stay on the board regardless of what they do. The shape of the our E-Foils has undergone several iterations and hours of testing until it met our high expectations. Even though it is voluminous, it still feels fairly maneuverable under your feet, while its bottom design guarantees perfect control while coasting on the water or by accidental touch downs when foiling.


No it’s not. In fact, this is a false perception especially for newbies. Once you give it a try with the help of our instructors, you’ll find yourself skimming on the water surface in no time.

Your safety is our priority. Therefore, our professional team will always brief and guide you during the session.

Yes, it is better to be able to swim.

The age requirement is 6 years onwards.

Swimwear and towel. Wearing a proper swimwear can help you move comfortably during the ride. A safety jacket is provided by Adventure Sports.

Here are the top 6 health benefits of E-foil:

  1. Improve Cardiovascular Health;
    E-Foil engages your entire body and involves quite a bit of cardio. As you learn how to E-Foiling, the consistent cardiovascular workout will lower your resting heart rate, as well as your blood pressure. Over time you will notice that it feels easier to complete the cardio portion of E-Foil. You can have fun while burning tons of calories and increasing your cardiovascular health and endurance.

  2. Strengthen Your Entire Body;
    Since E-Foil is a full-body sport, you exercise almost every muscle when you paddle out, stand up on your board, and ride E-Foil.

    When you stand on your board, you engage your full body as you lift yourself and find balance in quick succession. Your legs and glute muscles get a great workout while you ride while maintaining balance, and manoeuvering your board for direction and tricks!

    As you continue riding a E-Foil, you will notice that these actions become easier over time, especially if you start as a beginner. The more you work all of your muscles, the stronger they will become. This means more fun, and less soreness the next day!

  3. Practice Flexibility and Balance;
    E-Foil requires both balance and flexibility throughout the activity. Both of these can be applied to many other areas of your life and improve your overall health and well-being.

    You need decent flexibility in order to move swiftly, and as you practice E-Foil you’ll see your flexibility improve after each session. Be sure to always stretch before E-Foil as well, to protect your muscles from injury and to warm yourself up for your session.

    You can also work on your flexibility and balance through other exercises at home if you want to improve more quickly. For example, doing simple stretches every day, or training your balance on floor balance boards can in turn help your E-Foil skills in the water!

  4. Increase Vitamin D Intake;
    Many guests suffer from lower levels of vitamin D, which can contribute to decreased energy and mood. Luckily, unless you have a medical condition that causes low vitamin D, it’s easy to fix with daily (safe) exposure to sunlight.

    When you ride E-Foil, you are out on the beach and usually exposed to sunlight. Doing this consistently will increase your vitamin D levels. However, always be sure to wear a good sunscreen that is waterproof, and reapply frequently to prevent damage. Rashguards and wetsuits also protect you from damaging UV rays while out in the water!

    Being out in nature, in the sunshine, is a mood booster in itself! Get outside as often as you can to enjoy the free benefits of the outdoors.

  5. Better Your Immune System;
    Did you know that taking a dip in cool water can actually help to boost your immune system? Some experts believe that the release of stress hormones can have a positive effect on how your body fights off infection and disease.

  6. Release Endorphins;
    Although there are many physical E-Foil benefits, there are also great mental health benefits. Active hobbies, like E-Foil, release endorphins- the chemicals that make you feel happiness and joy.

    A physically demanding activity is also a great way to release stress and take time for yourself. Decreased stress can lead to better sleep, healthier eating, happier relationships, and a more positive overall well-being.

    Even after you finish your E-Foil session, you might feel an elevated feeling of happiness, similar to a runner’s high. These benefits could last hours into your day and improve your mood in all other aspects of your daily life.


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