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Ras Al Khaimah / Fujairah Boat Cruise

Boat Cruise

Boat cruises are a great way to relax and see the sights. With so much to see while cruising around the shores.

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Boat Cruise

Cruise your way along the vibrant waters of the Arabian Sea and enjoy the sights. With an abundance of gorgeous landscapes and pristine beaches, a boat cruise is ideal for families or a group of friends who want to relax for sight-seeing.


There is no age requirement as long as accompanied by parents.

If you don’t want to swim during the cruise “NO NEED TO BE ABLE TO SWIM”. Furthermore, Everyone booked for this activity will be provided with a life jacket that serves as a buoyancy aid to help you float.  

Swimwear or casual dress. Wearing a proper swimwear can help you move comfortably during the cruise. A safety jacket is provided by Adventure Sports.

Here are the top 4 health benefits of Boat Cruise;

  1. Relief from Stress:Chronic stress can harm your health both mentally and physically. Holidays can help you take a break from everyday life’s many demands.

  2. Expose yourself to the sun:Exposure to limited amounts of natural sunlight helps your body make vitamin D. It is crucial for your well — being to be exposed to the sun and offers you endless benefits. It helps reduce blood pressure, increase immunity, improve mood, reduce the risk of cancer, cure skin disorders, promote weight loss and even cure depression.

  3. Bonding with the family and friends: Family bonding is one of the key things you need for healthy living. It means interacting meaningfully with your family members, instead of sitting on your smartphones. Boat cruises give your family the opportunity to spend quality time.

  4. Relaxation:You can relax with a cruise. Deep relaxation offers your body various benefits, from lowering your heart rate to increasing your immunity. Relaxation can reduce blood pressure and muscle tension.

Due to local regulations, all the guests should carry a valid ID (passport, National ID card, etc.) during the tour.  
A boat cruise minimum of 4 guests is needed.

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