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Donut Ride in United Arab Emirates

Donut ride

Donut Ride is a trendy activity amongst the family and the friends who wants to enjoy the sea at a maximum level of adrenaline.

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Donut Ride

Donut ride is one of the most recommended activities if you wish to have a water blast with your family and friends. Enjoy an exhilarating ride aboard a donut-like inflatable tube which is speedily towed behind a watercraft. Depending on what you prefer, as the boat glides through the water, you can have a slow tamed ride or a faster one to make it more exciting. It is a crazy adventure to experience with your family and friends.


The age requirement is 6 years old and above as long as accompanied by parents.

This will depend on your preference. You will be briefed by our team before the ride and you have to inform our  captain whether or not you would like to fall in the water. 

You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to swim. Everyone booking for this activity will be provided with a life jacket that serves as a buoyancy aid to help you afloat. Our professional team will always keep an eye on you. 

Swimwear and towel. Wearing a proper swimwear can help you move comfortably during the ride. A safety jacket is provided by Adventure Sports.

Here are the top 4 health benefits of Donut Ride:

  1. Improves cardiovascular system: During the activity, you will be giving your cardiovascular system a good workout on the water. Improving your cardiovascular system increases blood circulation, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues and helping to remove waste from the body more quickly.
  2. Burns calories: Donut Ride is a great sport that burns a lot of calories.
  3. Muscle strengthening: The main muscle groups being worked while you are trying to stay on the towables at a stable position. Another main muscle group being worked are the Abdominal muscles as you try the be balanced through waves and jumps.
  4. Entertaining and fun: As a fun recreational activity, towables can be done while on a family outing or when enjoying the beach with friends.

Duration: 15Mins

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