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Advanced Open Water Diver

It’s titled PADI Advanced Open Water Diver because it advances your diving knowledge & skills.

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Advanced Open Water Diver

That’s what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. You don’t have to be “advanced” to take it – it’s designed to advance your diving, so you can start right after earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification. The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills through different Adventure Dives. You try out different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of your PADI Instructor. You log dives and develop capabilities as you find new ways to have fun scuba diving.


During your entry level Scuba course, you learned how to safely conduct dives in an environment with conditions similar to those in which you were trained. By participating in an Advanced Open Water Diver course, you can greatly expand the conditions in which you’re qualified to dive. Additionally, the program will help you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of your PADI Instructor. 

You’ll hone your skills by completing five adventure dives that introduce you to:

    1. Underwater navigation
    2. Deeper water diving (typically anywhere from 18-30 meters/ 60-100 feet)
    3. An introduction to three more Adventure Dives including Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck diving and Boat diving
  1. You’ll plan your learning path with your instructor by choosing from a long list of Adventure Dives. There are two required dives – Deep and Underwater Navigation and you choose the other three, for a total of five dives.

  2. During the Deep Adventure Dive, you learn how to plan dives to deal with the physiological effects and challenges of deeper scuba diving. The Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive refines your compass navigation skills and helps you better navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time.

  3. The other knowledge and skills you get vary with your interest and the adventures you have – photography, buoyancy control, fish identification, exploring wrecks and many more.

To be enrolled in the Junior Advanced Open Water Diver course you should be at least 12 years old. You need to be at least 15 years old to take the Advanced Open Water Diver certification course, “standard.”

You must also be a certified open water diver with PADI, which gives you the core competencies and experience you need to move up to the advanced level.

As with the course of open water diver, you need to be in good overall health , particularly since advanced dives are physically more challenging.

Depending on the certification agency you choose, you will be required to perform a series of dives, usually around five, requiring special techniques , skills or competencies beyond the scope of the Open Water Diver course. Your instructor will monitor your progress and provide assistance wherever you need it.

We don’t supply any equipment for the course but rentals are available. We ask you to book the rental equipment in advance.

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