Scuba Diving Courses & Programmes involves

Scuba Diving Courses and Programmes

What is Scuba Diving Courses and Programmes?

Scuba diving has changed from a niche activity into a very popular recreational sport that is available to almost anybody that can afford to participate – from the age of 8 until 80 and beyond.

It’s an awesome experience; however, many discussions about the ‘right way’ to learn how to dive. All dive training involves three components: theory, practice, and application. Typically these will take the form of classroom or online learning programs – studying books or the electronic equivalent, followed by a series of questions and examinations; confined water skills training and practice, where ‘confined water’ is a swimming pool or natural underwater location with easy conditions, followed by the final ‘checkout’ dives somewhere in the open ocean, sea or lake as appropriate.

These can get mixed up together, so there’s a bit of learning, followed by a bit of training, followed by a bit of open water, then some more learning, then some more open water, then some more training and so on… it depends to some extent on logistics and the proximity of the training environment.

Scuba Diving

Is Scuba Diving SAFE?

Yes, it is. If you follow some basic rules, keep your wits about you and don’t take unnecessary risks and everything will be fine.

The most basic safety principles for diving are taught at the very beginning of training program: Never hold your breath, never exceed the limits of your training, never tickle the creatures under water.

While the number of divers has increased exponentially in the last 20 years, the number of diving fatalities as a percentage has decreased dramatically.

Scuba Diving

Is It for me?
Lots of diving enthusiastic are interested, but not sure if they want to make the investment in terms of time and money; many are also uncertain about how they will react in an unknown environment. For these reasons, Adventure sports offer some sort of  Discover Scuba Diving program.

Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes, but not like a professional swimmer or champion, It’s NOT about the ability to swim; it’s about the ability to move comfortably through the water without panicking and/or drowning. Just to be sure you comfortably maintain yourself in water too deep to stand up in for ten minutes by either floating or treading water.

Can kids learn to dive?
The earliest age for kids’ introductory scuba classes (shallow pool only) is 8 years old. The minimum age for any entry-level certification is 10.

Is being nervous a problem?
No, nerves are normal and natural and it is often the case that people who start the course brimming with confidence struggle as soon as they get in the water if no improvement then you should start to think other activities.

Do I have to buy my own equipment?
No. Not before starting the course, at any rate. Adventure Sports has well maintained, all size and types of scuba gear.

What People Say About Scuba Diving?
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if somebody wants to visit UAE, Fujairah for diving I'm recommending to everybody go diving with Adventure Divers. The best guys in this area!
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It’s like a dream you do not want to wake up from; swimming with fishes, and the limitless vision of water all around you. It was amazing!
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Scuba diving is something I want to do again. I only did it once in Fujairah. It was a bit scary, but I loved it! I saw so many beautiful creatures!
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It was my first diving lesson and i absolutely loved it. I guess i will be doing this for many years. My diver friends was telling me about Red Sea is best place to dive. It can be true but i started learning dive in Fujairah during my 2 week holiday.
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