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Parasailing is alive and well and once you experience the exhilaration, you might just get hooked!

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Parasailing Experience

Parasailing is a recreational activity where two or more people can ride at the same time. A harness is attached to the parachute while being towed by a boat. The captain takes full control of the flight, carrying the passengers into the air, allowing you to enjoy the aerial view of the destination.

Here are the top 8 health benefits of Parasailing:

  1. No training needed: Before you can go skydiving or hang gliding, there’s plenty of details you need to take in. Because you’re essentially on your own once you’re in the air unless you fly tandem, it can be terrifying to decide to take the leap. With parasailing, the experts at Adventure Sports will take care of each step to make sure you stay safe and comfortable on your ride.

  2. It’s affordable: Some people have unlimited budgets, but for most of us, budgets factor into what we do on vacations. Parasailing is an affordable watersport, especially since there’s no extra gear or equipment needed beyond what we provide.

  3. You don’t have to go up alone: In some more extreme sports, you’re entirely on your own once you’re launched. Our harnesses support up to 205 kg, depending on the weather, so two adults can fly together. If you’ve got a child too small or too nervous to fly by themselves, they can go up with another adult and enjoy the experience.

  4. Good for your health!: For centuries, fitness pros have touted the benefits of water in our health. Parasailing gets the same treatment as all other water sports; the pressure of the air on your body releases stress. The rush of adrenaline from excitement stimulates your system in a positive way, creating a sense of wellness. And breathing in salty sea air has been considered a positive force for your health for decades.

  5. The adventure of skydiving with a lot less fear: For those of you who think of jumping out of a plane on purpose and think ARE YOU KIDDING, parasailing gives you the same sense of flying through the air without the terrifying pressure of falling towards the ground.

  6. Did we mention the flying? Until science invents new technology, you won’t get closer to flying. No tin can around you, no uncomfortable level of noise. Just you, and the sensation of floating through the air, free and clean.

  7. The quiet: In our busy, modern world, how often do you really get a chance to disconnect? To put down your phone and your tablet, take a breath, and take in the world around you? You wouldn’t think that being a couple of hundred feet up in the air would make such an incredible difference, but our customers have described the experience as life time. That far up in the air, you won’t hear the sound of the boat’s engine, the noise on the beach, or anything else except the wind in your ears as you sail over the gorgeous blue waters and white sand beaches of the Arabian Gulf Coast.

  8. The view: There’s nothing else like it. A literal bird’s eye view, without the buzz of an airplane deafening you. You can see from the coast to the horizon as you float along behind the boat, peaceful and calm, entirely at ease. You get to experience the world from high above, seeing a bigger scale than many people manage in their lifetime. There’s nothing else like it.

What our customers say !





E-foil ride

Sami and Wassim were great with me and my son riding the e-foil. Was one of the best water experiences I have ever had! Would highly recommend. My son hasn't stopped talking about it. Would 100% recommend and would do again! Thank you to Sami, Wassim and team!

Date of visit : Mar 30, 2024

Natasha R

Parasailing at Intercontinental RAK

Excellent experience for a sunset parasailing with our kids 9 and 5 with tandem. Such a great team that made the experience smooth, relaxing and fun. They guided us perfectly and we felt safe taking the kids for their first parasail! Beautiful stunning views and most of all the crew are so great making it easy for beginners at sea. Loved it and will go again for sure.

Date of visit : Dec 3, 2023

Piotrek M


Very good and professional, I have really enjoyed. Safety was on the best stage and nothing bad happend even tho we fell into the water couple times.

Date of visit : Mar 22, 2024


So much fun!

The activity was so much fun! I was worried at the beginning to do it, but Captain Saeed was very reassuring and made the ride so fun. We were a family of 4 and all enjoyed it so much! Highly recommended. Everyone there was very nice and professional.

Date of visit : Apr 6, 2024

Nastya A

Sea fishing

Cool, good fishing, beautiful boat. We had a great time with our family. Thanks to Said and Arif. We took a lot of beautiful photos

Date of visit : Feb 27, 2024