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More Convenience

Book Online

More Convenience

Adventure Sports offers online booking with highest security and price advantages.

The tickets you have purchased is valid for 1 year from the time booked.  Some of the activities needs preparations on our side such as fishing, scuba diving, boat cruise etc. Hence we will contact with you regarding your convenient date. Other activities such as parasailing, jet ski, fly-fish, fly-boarding etc is ready when you arrive our branches in Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Salalah. Online booked tickets will have priority if there is a line on the activities.

The ticket you have purchased is valid for 1 year and you can do it in any branch of Adventure Sports excluding Dubai. If you want to book activity at Dubai please visit  Sky & Sea LLC which is our sister company located at JBR.

Due the local regulations some activities are not present in some branches. we suggest you to check the available activities on our branches. Click here to check the available activities on our branches.

if you want to change or cancel the ticket please get in touch with Ras Al Khaimah office at +971 50 321 8840 or send us an email at [email protected] with the order number and your ticket details.

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All the transactions are on the leading gateways servers with highest SSL certificate.
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Advantages on Prices
Web prices are always better than desk prices. Dont miss the advantages!
Valid for 1 Year
Do it whenever you want
All tickets are valid for 1 year in our Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Salalah branches.

Adventure Sports reserves the right to change the activity time or cancel benefits in case of bad weather. Only the captain is entitled to try activity conditions, and is likely to cancel a maritime service. If canceled because of Adventure Sports, passengers can be reimbursed or the activity date is postponed to another date with your agreement.

Our Activities

Fly Fish 209.52381 AED
Boat Cruise 952.38095 AED
Pedal Boat 209.52381 AED
Water Ski 314.28571 AED
Tornado Ride 209.52381 AED
Wake Board 314.28571 AED
Sailing 314.28571 AED
Kayaking 114.28571 AED
Donut Ride 161.9048 AED
Banana Ride 142.8571 AED
2 Boat Dives 452.38095 AED
PADI Seal Team 1404.7619 AED
Deep Diver 1500 AED
Scuba Diver 1404.7619 AED
Dive Master 4571.42857 AED
Bubblemaker 657.14286 AED
Enriched Air Diver 828.57143 AED
Adventure Diver 1047.61905 AED
1 Boat Dive 333.33333 AED
Jet Ski 180.9524 AED
Fly Board 380.9524 AED
Transportation 380.95238 AED
Fishing Trip 1885.7143 AED
Parasailing 314.28571 AED