Water Ski Course

Water Ski Course

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Water Ski Course

Water skiing is not as hard as it seems. Our Trained Water Ski Instructors will train you how to water ski in very short time by water ski course to improve your skills.

If you enjoy being out on the water. The speed! The sun! The exhilaration! The fresh air! So Water Skiing is just for you.

Is WaterSki Hard to Learn?

Not Really… We strive to make your waterski session fun and easy. In Water Ski Course, most people only take up to 5 minutes to get up skiing above the water.

Is Waterski Safe and Fun?

Absolutely fun. Communication is always key and we are sure to make sure you have a safe and fun experience from ages 10 – 70 years old. We won’t let you do anything you can get hurt.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, it is better to be able to swim.

Is there an age requirement?

The age requirement is 6 years and upwards.

What do I need to bring?

Swimwear and towel.  Safety equipment is provided by Adventure Sports.

Some Tips For Beginners

Stretch out Before and after you go on the water, have a good stretch, concentrating on your back, arms and legs. It’s even more vital afterward because water skiing uses those parts of your body very intensively.

Get up slowly By far the most common beginner error is trying to stand up too quickly when the rope starts to pull.

Start in the water with your knees bent right up to your chest, arms dead straight and outside your knees. As the rope starts to pull, keep your arms straight and slowly start to stand.

Keep your shoulders level and the rope between your skis.

Stand upright Once you’re up, your head should be directly over your feet. It’s a bit like rollerskating: if you lean too far back, you’ll immediately fall over backward; too far forward, and you’ll go flat on your face.

Eyes up Always look ahead, either at the horizon or at the boat; looking down at your skis will unbalance you. If you feel yourself losing balance and falling, let go of the rope – don’t try to hold on and get dragged along. Don’t worry, you will float – you’ll be wearing a life jacket.

Start to carve Once you’re confident going in a straight line, you can start to carve left and right behind the boat, and really pick up speed. To cross the boat’s wake, absorb the bumps with your knees by keeping them loose and slightly bent.

Use your weight Keep your weight evenly distributed between both feet. To turn, don’t lean, but put more weight on one ski – to turn right, put pressure on your left ski and vice versa to turn left.

Point your body and hips in the direction you want to travel.

Lift your foot As you become more proficient, you can start to lift one ski out of the water and practice skiing one-legged. This enables you to progress on to a mono-ski, which allows for faster carving. On a mono-ski, your feet will be one behind the other – the front foot is in a binding while the back one is inserted into a loop.

Change your grip If you start using a mono-ski, change your grip on the rope handle. On two skis, the handle will be horizontal and you’ll grip with both hands.

For mono-skiing, rotate the handle so that it’s vertical, and place one hand on either side.

Use your skills If you snow ski, you can expect to pick up water skiing faster than most, because you’ll already know how to balance.

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