Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling Trip

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Snorkeling is one of the best activity to view the magical underwater world of the Indian Ocean in Fujairah. Our friendly crew is on hand to show you how to snorkel to teach you the right techniques.

Upon reaching the Snoopy Island, the crew will present you the snorkeling equipment. The trip is about two hours, perfect for first timers and includes everything you need to have the experience of a lifetime and get your first taste of magical of our Indian ocean, right here in Fujairah.

Snorkeling is one of the best ways to burn some calories even you don’t realize how you work out.

Some Tips from Adventure Sports!
Always swim in buddy pairs – it’s a much safer option, and you have someone to share your amazing experiences with!

Never look directly down when snorkeling, or your snorkel may turn into a drinking straw!

Keep your face looking forward, and ensure your snorkel is slightly angled backward – this should keep your snorkel dry.

DON’T touch anything. Even if it’s the most harmless looking fish, don’t attempt to touch it. The same goes for cute looking bubbly corals or sea anemone. Some marine life can feel threatened by your fingers and hands, especially if you get too close. Keep your hands to yourself and be away from picking up and touching things.

DON’T panic and pull anyone down. If you find yourself panicking, do yourself a favor and don’t grab the nearest person next to you. Instead, float on your back, inhale deeply and call for help.

Stay healthy with a fun and active way to enjoy the sea?

The snorkeling is fun for small children and their parents. Even more, it is healthy and better than doing a heavy workout session fitness.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, it is better to be able to swim.

Is there an age requirement?

The age requirement is 6 years and upwards as long as accompanied by parents.

What do I need to bring?

Swimwear and towel.  Safety equipment is provided by Adventure Sports.

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Snorkeling Trip is available on Fujairah branches.