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Sailing in Ras AL Khaimah


Sailing is a great activity for your health and fitness which challenges your mental and physical fitness.

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Sailing is one of the non-motorized activities you can enjoy with your family and friends. It is wind powered buoyed by a sense of empowerment as the wind fills the sails and makes the boat glides through the water. In general, sails should be relatively flat when the wind is either very light or very strong, and full when there is a moderate wind. This activity is also fulfilling as you take full control of the vessel.


The age requirement is 15 years old and above as long as accompanied by parents.

Yes you can sail alone given you have the sailing license. Otherwise, an instructor will be with you throughout the trip.

Depending on the size of the boat, maximum capacity is 10 people.

Definitely. With proper briefing and guidance from our professional team, you will feel safe while enjoying the trip.

Yes, this activity is recommended for those who know how to swim.

Swimwear and towel. Wearing a proper swimwear can help you move comfortably. A safety jacket is provided by Adventure Sports.

Here are the top 9 health benefits of Sailing:

  1. Muscle strength and endurance: The many activities involved in sailing, like pulling and hoisting of sails to maneuver a boat or a yacht, add to your muscle strength for your shoulders and back.
  2. Cardiovascular fitness: Sailing can also improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of hypertension, obesity and other heart illness. This is because of the large amount of oxygen uptake that happens when you engage in intense activities.
  3. Mental wellness: Being out on the water puts you in a good mood not just because of the calmness of the water but because of the salty air. The saltiness of the sea air is composed of charged ions that aid in the body’s oxygen absorption, which in turn balances serotonin levels. The more balanced your body’s serotonin levels are, the happier you’re going to be.
  4. Lowers stress levels: The swooshing and splashing of water, the rhythmic movement of the yacht and the sound of the wind in the sails can all affect brainwave patterns. This relaxes and soothes a busy and highly stressed-out mind.
  5. Increases agility: The various tasks associated with sailing also help improve your flexibility and agility. Activities like pulling lines or hoisting sails can significantly improve your hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  6. Improves concentration: Because many people today are chronic multi-taskers, they should develop a deep sense of concentration. With the ultimate goal of staying safe while on board, sailing enhances a person’s ability to focus even with multiple tasks at hand.
  7. Improves communication skills: To effectively control a boat, the captain and his crew must act as a unified unit. To do this they need to learn how to communicate effectively, especially through non-verbal means. Everyone on board has a crucial role to play in order to keep the ship afloat.
  8. Spatial awareness: Sailing requires the participant to be aware of the dimension of the boat along with the space required for the maneuvering of the boat. By sailing, you can have an increased understanding of how much space something requires; this skill translates to skills required on land as well such as driving.
  9. Organizational skills: Being on a ship requires that everything is kept in “shipshape.” After being exposed to this mentality, other aspects of your life begin to reflect this standard. You will become more organized in your personal life, which will boost motivation to eat healthier, exercise more and increase your quality of life.

Duration: 60Mins

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